Female Founders to Follow: Pamela Munson

This International Women's Month, we're celebrating like-minded brands with strong, creative, inspiring female founders at their helm.

Today, that's Pamela Munson, founder of her eponymous brand of straw accessories inspired by classic style of a bygone era. We asked Pamela to share her brand's story and a few of her own favorite things.

Dudley Stephens: Your collection is inspired by time on your family's boat, which is where our idea for Dudley Stephens arose as well. What about the nautical lifestyle do you think is so universally appealing and inspiring in fashion?

Pamela Munson: I think people feel their best in nature, close to the sea. Being on or nearby the water has such a calming effect—to know there is something out there so much greater than ourselves. A nautical lifestyle transcends time. When I look at pictures of my family on their boat in the 50s and 60s, to the 80s, to present day, it largely looks the same—classics that are still alluring today.

Where else do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere and often comes when you least expect it. I’m inspired by vintage fashion, particularly 60s style, interiors, nature and then chic women—whether it’s someone I’ve passed on the street or images of Lee Radziwill and Princess Diana.

What's your morning routine?

The first call of order is my husband makes me an iced cappuccino and then we have breakfast as a family. I’m packing lunches and getting backpacks ready for the school day simultaneously. I get dressed with minimal makeup and then I have my first call around 9:30am. I find that I’m most productive in the morning or late at night.

Do you have a signature fragrance?

Right now, I’m wearing Aerin’s Ikat Jasmine. I usually wear something for a few years and then make a change.

You've been to beaches all over the world--what's your favorite?

It’s hard to choose just one. I love the beach. My favorite is probably Saint-Jean in St. Barths, where I went with my husband. There is also a beach that I walk to from my home that is spectacular for different reasons. It’s called Whitehall Beach and has beautiful large, white rocks on the Long Island Sound.

Your favorite Dudley Stephens style (and why)?

I love my Grace Street Turtleneck—it makes me feel put together and polished, yet it is incredibly comfortable. It has such a chic sleeve detail. Now that I work from home and my son is still at home with us, I’m so much more mindful of wearing clothes that are washable.

How do you spend your downtime?

I have three young children—ages 8, 5 and 2—all while running Pamela Munson, so I don’t have much downtime. I love having dinners with friends, going to the beach with my family and playing tennis.