Fleece 101

Our #dsgoods fleece is anything but average—with distinct fabrications across our collection, the features and benefits of each can mean a little schooling up. So here’s a crash course on our Spring and Summer fleece fabrics, just in time for tomorrow’s debut of our NEW Ribbed Fleece (destined for head-of-class status).

Dudley Stephens fleece

Classic Vello Fleece — Soft, tightly woven and warm, this fabric is most like the “traditional” fabric people associate with fleece (but ours is extra cozy!).  Made from recycled yarn.

Dudley Stephens Terry fleece

Terry Fleece — Think sweatshirt fabric—the most luxurious sweatshirt you can imagine. This versatile, four-season fabric has a hook-and-loop texture that’s almost towel-like. Absorbent and water-shedding like one, too.  Made from recycled yarn.

Dudley Stephens ribbed fleece

Ribbed Fleece — Extra soft and dimensionally textured, our ribbed fleece (launching tomorrow!) is lightweight and also quick-drying, for four-season versatility.  Made from recycled yarn.