Giving Back, Together

As the COVID crisis fell into sharper focus, we knew we’d made April about giving back, in a variety of ways, by launching #dsgives earlier than planned. So when we saw a new coalition called Brands x Better, uniting like-minded brands in an effort to give back while supporting conscious consumer spending, we said count us in.

Our membership in this alliance puts us in good company with other digitally native brands that share our passion for doing right by our customers, teams and suppliers while also doing good in the world. It gives us an opportunity to turn an unprecedented crisis into moments of hope for those on the front lines.



The crisis affects so many in myriad ways—including those suffering from other illnesses. That’s why, as a member of Brands x Better, until May 31, 2020 we’ll donate 10% of our sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to support their patients and families. And since our #dsgives initiatives are always about comforting those in need—including our customers, we’re also taking 20% off outerwear on our site during this time. 

As you continue to support brands like ours, our alliance with Brands x Better gives us a chance to pay that support forward. Thank you for joining us as we look forward to brighter days to come.