How We Dudleyed: Influencers

Seven years after our launch, we're looking back at the influencers who have made Dudley Stephens a staple in their style lineup.

"I've worn Dudley Stephens for so many special moments—whether I was at home staying cozy during a snow day or thrown over my shoulders on our honeymoon!" -@Carly

“When I wear Dudley Stephens, I feel like I stand out from the rest. It’s comfort and style all in one!” -@Salina_Sincerely

"My Dudleys have become such a staple in my wardrobe and pieces I reach for in every season. They are the perfect cozy layer to add to any outfit!" -@belleoftheball45

“I love that Dudley Stephens makes my size!" -@KatieSturino

"My favorite DS memories are the simple ones. Cuddling up with my babies watching a movie or reading them a book when it's chilly outside and we're cozy and warm in our fleece at home." -@lemonstripes

"Dudley Stephens is known in my household as The Cozy Clothes, and I can always count on my DS pieces to make sure I'm looking as chic as I feel comfy. My kids and I all rely on it to wrap us up on those blustery days, and I love its family-founded roots." @thehappilyeva

"My Dudley Stephens layers have been a go-to of mine for years. Plus, they've traveled the globe with me: from Helsinki to London, Nantucket, San Francisco, New York City and beyond, I always bring a DS fleece or two. Plus, I have an entire shelf of my closet dedicated to these supersoft turtlenecks and layers!" -@jenniferlake,

"So many of my cozy memories involve a Dudley." -@JackieGreaney

"My favorite Dudley Memory was wearing their dress at the very beginning of my pregnancy— when it was still a secret between just my husband and I! The dress was flattering enough to forgive the slightest of curves, and the style was comfortable enough for me to encourage my body’s growth!" -@Shadesofpinck