Is Athleisure Only a Trend?

The answer is no!  We do not think athleisure is going anywhere anytime soon.  Thanks to remote offices, working from home, people leading more casual and active lifestyles ...the modern world is embracing athliesure in all its glory.  It truly makes us happy, because in turn it makes our daily lives easier as moms, working moms, and more importantly, as busy, on-the-go women.  
These are just some of the many reasons why we love our Wythe Tops so much.  We wear this over our gym clothes often: it fits like a t-shirt, but with slightly extra warmth...perfect for layering.
dudley stephens fleece wythe top with ultracor leggings
dudley stephens fleece wythe top with outdoor voices leggings
I am especially loving my Ultracor leggings that i bought off of, and Kaki has been wearing her Outdoor Voices leggings nonstop. we like to find colorful or patterned leggings and then match our #dsgoods fleece color to the print.  A simple style tip that truly makes us feel more put together while shuffling the kids out of the house, or while en route to the gym!
dudley stephens fleece wythe top
dudley stephens fleece wythe top