Love Story

As we celebrate love in all forms, is any more vital than the love we give ourselves? Yet as women, and mothers, we can be our toughest critics. When mental health issues arise, feelings of guilt and inadequacy often come hand-in-hand.

It’s a narrative that’s personal for BURU founder Morgan Hutchinson. In her college years, Morgan experienced symptoms she first attributed to long nights studying. “I tried to rationalize and suppress what I was feeling,” she explains. An episode at an apothecary while traveling in Paris offered an epiphany: “I couldn’t control my thoughts. I realized I needed to talk to someone.”

Morgan would have to work through several doctors before receiving the correct diagnosis, bipolar disorder, at age 27, then finding the right treatment regimen. It’s one of the aspects of mental health awareness she’s determined to change. “When I finally found the right doctor and got on the right medication, it was so liberating and exciting,” she says.

It was a catalyst for new opportunity. After meeting her husband, Brett, as she recovered, the pair moved to China for business, giving Morgan a chance to focus on her health. “It was like hitting the restart button,” she says. They moved back stateside when Morgan was eight months pregnant with their daughter. Soon after, Olive’s arrival sparked another epiphany. “Absolutely nothing in my pre-mom wardrobe worked,” Morgan says. “Everything was too short, not washable, not accessible. Retailers love you when you’re pregnant, but when the baby comes, it’s like you no longer matter.”

Tapping experience in wardrobe styling and wholesale, Morgan and Brett launched BURU to help new moms wear exactly what they want. With the tagline, “Mom. Life. Styled,” BURU speaks to both the fashion and life-friendliness qualities mothers want and need. “It’s just like what Lauren and Kaki offer with Dudley Stephens,” says Morgan. “When you wear our clothes, you don’t need to compromise on form or function.”

BURU now offers its own label—and a platform to advocate for mothers and mental health. Proceeds from the sale of BURU’s Vive la Mere collection go to Bring Change to Mind, a nonprofit dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness.

“Mental health, including postpartum conditions among mothers, is so underdiscussed,” Morgan observes. “By sharing my story, I can show people that it’s possible to thrive with something like bipolar disorder, and hopefully get help if they need it.” That’s a lesson in self-love we can get behind.

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Wearing BURU’s Vive la Mere sweater paired with our Bedford Blanket Scarf in off-white.