Ocean Devotion

Our commitment to sustainability starts with our styles, made with fleece spun from recycled bottles collected from our shorelines. But we haven’t stopped there. Here are three more ways we’re working to reduce the impact of plastic in our oceans and ecosystem.

-A mailer (pictured) that goes the extra mile (literally). Not only is our mailer recycled and recyclable, it’s also reusable! Just peel, reseal and reuse next time you need to send something on its way.  

-The clear plastic bag that your #dsgoods arrive in is also recyclable, so be sure to toss that in the recycling bin after opening your new goods.

-A microplastics antidote. Even sustainable fleece can release tiny plastic particles into the environment when washed. That’s why we’re joining forces with Guppyfriend, whose Washing Bag prevents the microplastic pollution that can happen when we wash our clothing. These tiny particles can make their way into our oceans and ecosystem, since our washing machines have no way to filter them out of wastewater. The Washing Bag has been tested by lots of smart people (read: universities and industry alike) and found not only to prevent microplastic waste, but extend the life of clothing. Good for the earth and for #dsgoods? Sounds like a style ‘do’ to us.