One Thing’s Certain

When things are uncertain, it’s natural to wonder whether fashion and clothing have a place. We believe they do, and from what we’ve seen from you through our #dsgives campaign, you do too. Clothing can feel like an armor, the ritual of dressing in our favorite pieces helping us maintain a sense of normalcy. It can be a comfort—an essential pillar of the Dudley Stephens brand. And fashion can inspire us and help us feel hopeful when things look a bit bleak.

One thing’s certain, we’re feeling extra grateful for our community at a time like this.

So we’re pushing forward to keep bringing you our comfort clothing, for as long as we can—including today’s drop. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we’re striving to make choices that strike a balance between the realities beyond our doorsteps, the safety of our team, and our determination to stay as resilient as possible—for the sake of this brand we’ve built and the team and community that made it possible. Wishing you comfort and love.