Optimism: Not Canceled.

We’re glass-half-full kinds of people around here. Frankly, we’re not sure how you can launch and sustain a business without knowing how to find the brighter side of a challenge. Here are five things we’re laughing about and thankful for at this moment—reasons we’re still decidedly glass-half-full.

We froze time. 

Life moves pretty fast, and most of us at one time have wanted to freeze it—to savor something, like watching kids grow up. Well, we did it. It’s frozen. And now there’s a new meaning to “careful what you wish for.” (Follow us on TikTok @dudleystephens for this and more quarantine humor with Lauren.)

Our styles are made for staying home.

We definitely didn’t design our flagship Cobble Hill Turtleneck with Zoom in mind, and in no way predicted a global pandemic, but we’re pretty grateful to make clothing compatible with this low-key lifestyle. Every. Single. Day.

Small businesses are a sisterhood.

From the beginning, we’ve had the support of a small but mighty army of female founders, and this time has only strengthened—and grown—that circle of support.

The Duffield: not just for dudes.

Turns out our men’s pullover makes for comfy loungewear for us,  too. Who knew?

Team work...it makes a Dudley dream work.

From becoming a fully virtual workplace to the seat-of-our-joggers creative pivots we’ve made along the way, Team Dudley Stephens has kept us moving forward in style.