Present Perfect

Taking care of to-do lists is top priority this season—but what about taking care of ourselves? It’s impossible to add up all the busy moments to a meaningful celebration if our minds and bodies are out of sync.

After a recent consultation and acupuncture session Sarah Swanberg, MS, LAc, acupuncturist, herbalist and owner of Indigo Acupuncture + Wellness at her zen, sun-filled studio in Stamford, CT, we asked Sarah what to do to help us reset, restore and remain present this hectic holiday. Below are some tips from Sarah on how to channel that inner calm.  

Hydrate. It’s cold, it’s dry, and there’s holiday party booze and extra coffee to get you through late-night gift wrapping—all of these can get you feeling like a withered house plant. Just like that plant, you need more water! Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches and fatigue, so focusing on this can make a huge difference. Aim for at least 70 ounces a day, about 8 glasses (try to get at least 5 in before lunch!). And yes, herbal tea counts. Club soda with vodka definitely does not.

Dudley Stephens fleece indigo acupuncture

Breathe. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle this time of year. If you’re stressed out and irritable, the quickest way to calm yourself down is to focus on breathing. When our exhales are longer than our inhales, our bodies relax. So try taking 5 deep breaths at the stop light, on the checkout line or at the gas station. If you can turn this into a habit, your body will thank you!

Dudley Stephens fleece cardigan Wearing our Court St Cardigan in Navy

Find ease. The season brings cheer, but also calendars filled with commitments. You wouldn’t keep your car running for weeks and wonder why it’s out of gas, so take your foot off the pedal before you head for empty. Skip that gym class, postpone that get-together and make your life as easy as possible so you’ll have more time to focus on what matters. My plan this year: outsource the laundry, limit the fancy functions and spend more QT at home with my fam. (And yes, I’ll do most of it in my Dudley Stephens fleece.)

We would highly recommend scheduling a session with Sarah, after just one session, you will feel recharged and ready to soak in the rest of the holiday season!