Stay Put, Stay Centered

We already know how to stay cozy at home (that would be Dudleys on repeat). And we know we should stay calm—but headlines and homeschool and WFH don’t always make that easy.

So we asked Katherine Takayasu, MD, AKA Dr. Katie, a local CT integrative medicine physician, for her how-tos. Here she shares her simple hacks to take typical self-care to next-level serenity.

1) Take to the tub. There's a reason babies are calmer after bath time: warm water soothes and actually helps you sleep. The slight rise in body temperature from a nighttime bath is followed by a slight decline in temperature once you get out, so your body starts to produce more natural melatonin from your brain’s pineal gland to tell your body it's nearing sleep. Add 1 cup of magnesium-rich epsom salts to detox the day’s news and lean into calm.

Dr. Katie interview

2) Turn up your tea. Chamomile is great for relaxation, but you may need a stronger brew for real results. The secret? Steep two bags for 20 minutes—I like to cover the cup so water stays warmer. Enjoy it any time of day, especially after dinner with a book! (Read: Put your devices away!)

3) Make moments meditative. I didn't start meditating until I had kids and needed a new tool to help me fall back asleep in the middle of the night. You don’t need to follow an elaborate program; keep it simple by focusing on three things: paying attention, on purpose, without judgment. You can do this literally any time. Just pay attention to your breath purposefully without judging the natural thoughts that enter and exit. I promise you'll feel better in just 10 seconds. And if you're struggling, check out my guided meditations here.