150,000 Bottles Re-used

Did you know?  We make our #dsgoods using recycled yarn.  So, that super soft, awesome fitting turtleneck you've been living in?  It's made using recycled plastic bottles!!
In honor of Earth Day this year, we calculated how many plastic bottles we have re-used in making our #dsgoods - and we are so excited to share the number...
in only two and a half years, we have re-used 150,000 plastic bottles!!  
Our style philosophy has been that less is more: as consumers, we want LESS stuff in our closets.  We want better fitting basics that can be dressed up and down, that are durable, versatile wardrobe staples that we want to wear everyday.   And as clothing designers and manufacturers, we feel it is so important to make MORE sustainable clothing, to help reduce the amount of waste on our beautiful planet Earth.
Thank you to our amazing customers for helping us reach this milestone!
dudley stephens recycled fleece turtlenecks