The Bright Side

Winter may be here before we know it, but that doesn’t mean our closets need to shift entirely to the dark side. Don’t get us wrong—we’re here for all the jewel tones and the essential elegance of black and other neutrals—but we’re also infusing pops of unexpected, unapologetic color. 

Here’s why our neons are in our winter wardrobes to stay.

They’re mood-boosting. We’re not saying our Neon Pink and Neon Yellow are good-mood guarantees, but they’re as close as clothing gets to keeping things on the bright side. Think of them as your outfit’s version of a daily vitamin.

Dudley Stephens neon fleece

They’re also glow-inducing. We have yet to find someone these shades don’t work for. They’re basically like uplighting on your everyday look.

Dudley Stephens neon highland high low

They solve getting-dressed dilemmas. Those days when you have a full closet but “nothing to wear?” These tops are the outfit. Statement, made.