why the pineapple?

historically in the united states, hosts would display pineapples at the dinner table as a sign of respect and consideration for their guests, causing the pineapple to become the international sign of hospitality.  thanks to its unique and recognizable shape, it is now used in all forms of decoration.  
our family seems to have collected all sorts of pineapple decor and clothing items: bedposts, lamps, headboards, door-knockers, sneakers, sandals...you name it, we probably have it!  or, be sure to email a link to us because we will likely want it.
the distinctive shape of the pineapple continues to evoke friendliness and warmth and it is not just about looks.  the pineapple’s juicy and sweet fruit is anti-inflammatory, has been proven to fight against cancer, and also tastes delicious both to eat and drink.  shaken with rum and served in a martini glass, it makes the perfect cocktail.  we call this drink a “pineapple” - obviously!
dudley stephens is a brand that exudes warmth and friendliness by bringing comfortable and fashionable clothes to women in an accessible way.  what better way to represent this than the alluring and luxurious shape of this beloved fruit?