Quality Control Form

We want every piece from our collection to meet the Dudley Stephens standard: elevated, fashionable pieces from the highest quality recycled fabrics that stand up to everyday life. Sometimes, manufacturing mishaps keep things from going perfectly to our plan. So if something arrives with fabric or construction that doesn’t meet our finished-product standards, we want to know—and make it right.

If you think that’s the case and want to reach out, please review our guidelines to understand what’s eligible for return/exchange due to quality concerns. If your item fits these standards, please complete our claim form with all the necessary details. Note: claims can only be made for purchases from Dudley-Stephens.com directly.

ELIGIBLE for Return/Exchange Due to Quality:

Button or zipper issues
Tears or holes at the seam
Holes in material
Visible marks upon arrival (not including typical variations in fabric lots)

NOT ELIGIBLE for Return/Exchange Due to Wear & Tear:

Pulls/pilling on the fabric
Heat damaged items
Washed, worn or altered items
Wear and tear after 6 months’ time